Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.  We can’t do this without people like you.

Simply put, we have been on mission to help children.  Our initiative began in 2013 with an idea and grew into a movement to continue to walk with children in their time of need.  This journey has taken much work and dedication from volunteers to be a voice for our children.  Countless hours, days and weeks that have turned into 6 years of commitment be a witness for and educate our donors on the value of standing with us as we help lift our children up to reach for their stars.

We are transparent with who we are and what we do.  Our main priority is to bridge the gap between you and helping our children while maintaining the greatest level of trust of where your donation is going and the work that is being is being supported.

We are a small group that operate from the same core without reservation.  Our grassroots, ‘bottom to the top’ efforts have shown us that everyone can help make a difference and that people have an incredible capacity to give, in however they can.

We are driven to stand with and support our most vulnerable and we hope that you make the choice to stand with us.